Birthday Party / Camp

It’s fun for the whole family! Let the kids have a fun learning experience through the ANFA way! Many futsal games, from relay challenges to champions league matches and much more! Let us make your event special with our innovative session!–


  • Time : 3hrs (Additional hour is Rp.600,000/-)
  • Number of kids : 25 (Additional child is Rp.150,000/-)
  • Price : Rp.4.750.000
  • Client is responsible for location/venue of event

The 3 hours will be spent playing different games/competitions so that the kids, will have consistent fun and healthy competition.

  • HOUR 1 : 30mins Getting warmed up, ball control, ball technique, increased heart rate. 30mins group games for familiarity of team members. (e.g, team relays, handball)
  • HOUR 2 : King of the Jungle. This is a 1 vs 1 game, where the ultimate goal is to find the best player in the group of 25 boys. This is a knockout round, so we need to pick draws to see who plays who. During each round, 2 matches will be going on simultaneously (4boys total playing), for 3 mins, while the others rest. The winner of each round progresses to the next, e.g round of 16—>quarters—->semis—-->grand final & 3rd/4th place.
  • HOUR 3 : CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, 25 boys divided into 5 teams will rally for top finish. Teams can be Barcelona, Madrid, Mn United, Chelsea, etc, according to preference of participants. Each team plays the other team once, therefore each team will play a total of 4 matches. That would be 10 matches in total for all teams to play 4x each. Each game will be played at 7mins.


  • Lucky Draw Bowl with Names of participants in it, to pick the draw for fixture list.
  • Giant Size blank Posters to make the fixture that would be hung, so that boys can see other scores from other games, and who qualifies to next round.
  • Trophies such as : Champs League Champions (5 trophies for 5 participants) HOUR-2
  • Trophies for King of the Jungle: 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place HOUR-3
  • Going home presents/tokens/gifts’ for everyone.


  • Balls
  • Bibs of Different colours for teams
  • Cones and Markers
  • Hurdles
  • 3-5 Coaches depending on Number of Participants